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January 8, 2010

THESIS: Ripple, Ashley D. A Hermeneutical Analysis of Communication Strategies of Multivocal Narratives of the Rwandan Mass Rapes.

M.A. Thesis, University of South Alabama, 2009, 71pp.

Abstract: "A survivor's voice has the potential to frame significant crisis events, which give meaning to experience, and have the potential to transform lives. Collectively, these stories form narratives through which key ideas are developed and understood. The Rwandan women's voices are understood through complex multivocal narratives that exist on three levels of experience: personal harm, community rape, and national genocide. Considerable scholarship in intercultural communication and feminist theory suggests that the wartime rape affects the three levels of experience. The ability of a collective wartime rape survivor to find their voice and communicate their story is a critical capacity for restoring community and rebuilding a nation. Voice and multivocality are explored within the context of the narratives of the survivors of the Rwandan women and their response to collective wartime rape."

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