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January 8, 2010

THESIS: Sabourin, Kimberly M. The Female Body, the Battlefield: The Use of Sexual Violence Against Women as a Systematic Tool of Warfare.

M.A. Thesis, Webster University, 2009, 117pp.

Abstract: "In the present day, in the face of the ever-changing nature of conflict, civilians have become the predominant victims. Few have suffered a more horrible fate in these conflicts than the women and young girls who have been subjected to rape and sexual violence as tools for the conduct of war. This piece attempts to explain the reasons for the use of this violence by offering the following statement: Sexual violence is used as a systematic weapon of war, genocide, and ethnic cleansing, and ultimately serves as an extension of the pre-existing culture of patriarchy and is a heteronormative extension of power through which male dominance and superiority can be established by the perpetrators. In order to analyze the validity of this statement, the document conducts four separate case studies: Nanking, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Rwanda, and Sudan. It subsequently proceeds to analyze the broad themes and patterns, including an analysis of its use as a strategy of war, the use of genocidal rape, and the idea of its use and a correlation with misogyny. Following this, the author examines the current state of international law in relation to rape and sexual violence, highlighting its successes and failures. The author concludes by emphasizing the importance of empowering women, and actively involving them in all stages of conflict resolution in order to put an end to the most extreme use of violence against humanity."

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