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February 3, 2010

CONF: Representations of Prostitution, Sex Work and Sex Trafficking between the 19th and 21st centuries

The Women's Library, London, September 9-10, 2010.

"This conference aims therefore to bring together studies of the representation of prostitution from a range of cultures, including Europe, North Africa, the US, Latin America, China, Japan, Korea, and India. In this transnational context we will examine how various representational forms inflect the figure differently since little attention has been paid to the evolution of the prostitute’s representation over the past two centuries from the novel and stage towards the globalized modes of film, television and the internet.
We would welcome proposals on any aspect of the conference theme, particularly in the light of the following questions:
1) Which features of the representation of prostitution cross a selection of different media and national contexts, and which do not?
2) How have new representational forms affected portrayals of prostitution? To what extent is there continuity between nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first century approaches?
3) What are the contentious issues around the representation of prostitution, and what strategies might one devise to negotiate them? How do different understandings of feminism inflect the way we interpret images of prostitution?
4) How do representations of prostitution overlap with other discourses about gender?
5) How can we develop a transdisciplinary methodological approach to the study of gender representation, in particular to the representation of prostitutes, by bringing medical history, philosophy, sociology, politics, and geography together with more traditional studies of representation?"

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