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June 6, 2010

CFP: Coping with Conflict: The Medical Anthropology of Gender, Violence and War

"An edited volume on the Medical Anthropology of Gender and Conflict will facilitate crucial opportunities to further assess the inter-relationship between gender, violence and health, and to specifically analyse how low-intensity or 'spectacular' violence affects and transforms gendered health practices, beliefs and experiences. In addition to highlighting current research projects and the available – and not insignificant - Medical Anthropology of Conflict literature, chapter contributions will also serve to illuminate the interdisciplinary collaborations through which Medical Anthropology methods and theory are applied in embattled contexts.

This edited volume will encompass diverse thematic trends and research inquiry relating to:
-The ways that individuals' experiences of health, illness, disease, trauma and traumatic injury during violence and war are mediated by gender.
-The conflict-related 'health effects' associated with diverse cultural settings and gendered healing traditions and practices.
-Analysis of the ways that local hierarchies of therapeutic resort are structured simultaneously by experiences of illness and trauma that are unique to war, and gendered ideals of well-being and the appropriateness of specific healing practices and traditions.
-Examination of the biomedical and 'traditional' choices and gendered decision-making processes available to patients during conflict at clinical and community-level therapeutic sites.
-The use of ethnography to document, appraise and illuminate the ways that individuals' experience of health vulnerability, trauma and treatment in diverse socio-cultural and political contexts are intimately tied to, and influenced by, gender.
-The role of applied medical anthropology in public health promotion, programme development and initiatives, and policy and legislation concerning health amid conflict, violence and war."
Submission deadline for abstracts: June 30, 2010.

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