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April 11, 2011

CFP: Feminist receptions of biblical women

Journal: Nashim. A journal of Jewish women's studies & gender issues
Submission deadline for proposals: September 1, 2011, for articles: November 1, 2011

Description: »For Nashim no. 24, we seek articles that engage in feminist reception history of the Hebrew Bible. Many of the subfields within biblical studies have long been engaged with feminist criticism and feminist studies: Some of the most important work done in the field in the past thirty years has deployed feminist theory in the service of literary, anthropological, socio-historical and contextual analysis of the Hebrew Bible. However, few venues have been dedicated to feminist work on reception history. This issue of Nashim seeks to provide one, to bring together articles in which the reception of women in the Hebrew Bible is the subject of feminist analysis.
Articles might therefore offer feminist readings of the reception of particular female figures from the Tanakh – for instance, by providing a feminist critique of the recasting of biblical women in traditional commentary or literature. They might analyze feminist interpretations, in art, literature or commentary, of a female figure or group of figures in the Hebrew Bible; or they might survey feminist critiques of the mainstream reception of biblical women – for example, by tracing the ways that contemporary feminist scholars have understood the depictions of a biblical figure in classical Jewish sources. They might also look at or compare the uses of female figures in the Bible in traditional, modern or feminist contexts to broadcast particular views of women.«

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