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April 11, 2011

CFP: Mise-en-scène: crime

Journal: Concentric: literary and cultural studies
Submission deadline: August 15, 2011

Description: »For this special issue of Concentric, we invite submissions that investigate the “crime scene” in theoretical discourses. For instance, how are the following issues dealt with in different theorists, by way of the figure of crime—limit, transgression, power, knowledge, life, and ethics? On the stage of today’s worldwide power struggle, is “crime” being redefined thanks to the rise of an inescapably interconnected globe?
We also welcome works that research the genres of crime fiction, crime film, and crime drama in a refreshing light. For example, is the bespectacled detective giving way to the white-robed forensic scientist as the new hero of the social order? Can we read the boom in stories of crime scene investigation and criminal profiling as an indicator of a rational turn in our time? Why is the corpse of the victim increasingly being presented as a familiar, approachable object in these TV and filmic dramas? What kind of repetition compulsion may be at play in the reception of these genres?
Any discussions of the “scene of the crime” in relation to literary, dramatic or cinematic works—including their characters, plots, images, symbols, and ideas—will also be welcome.«

More information: Call for Papers website or H-Net Announcements.