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June 5, 2011

CFP: Violence and Identity Representations in Latin America

Journal: 452ºF. Journal of Literary Theory and Comparative Literature
Submission deadline: July 31, 2011

Description: »With the present call for papers, we do not have in mind a diagnosis of the forms of violence as they are traditionally thought of and represented in literature, images, art and the different cultural practices of Latin America. The aim behind this undertaking is to gather together research developed across the areas of comparative literature and literary theory, which participates in strategies of ethical and political reflection to think about violence and using violence as a starting point, in the different Latin American cultural, historical and epistemological expressions. Therefore, we do not wish to limit our invitation to research on the study of urban violence, but do favour the expansion of theoretical reflection and cultural representations of violence, so that the meanings and devices through which the narrations and dissidences of Latin American identity fiction have been constructed can be identified.
In this sense, we propose research that should reflect, among other options, on the relations between:
a) Social imagery and urban violence;
b) Gender violence and representations of femininity and masculinity;
c) Social exclusion, racial violence and national identity.
d) State violence, economic policies and globalization;
e) Historical violence and identity fiction;
f) Cultural practices, power technologies and body discipline.«

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