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July 6, 2011

CFP: Parents’ Bodies, Children’s Bodies. From Conception to Education

Conference: Seventh International Symposium of CORPUS
Place: Timisoara
Date: November 28-29, 2011
Submission deadline for proposals: September 1, 2011

Description: »We invite researchers interested in the body in medical, familial, educational, symbolical and ritual contexts (archaeologists, anthropologists, historians, physicians, psychologists, sociologists, art specialists, etc.) to participate in this symposium considering particularly, but not strictly, the following themes:
· Parenthood and processes from conception to childbirth: knowledge and beliefs on procreation and pregnancy; techniques of the body involved in procreation and delivery; societal and artistic representations of pregnant women; etc.
· Child’s, Mother’s (and Father’s) bodies during the first years of the new-born life: health, nutritional needs, breast feeding, first contacts, social re-insertion/integration, etc.
· Initial stages of body awareness: incorporation of techniques, assimilation of sensorial sensibilities, play, physical education, etc.
· Representations of parents’ and children’s bodies: their images and application in arts, political, philosophical or religious discourses; parents’ or children’s self-representation, etc.«

More information: CORPUS.