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September 4, 2011

CFP: Trauma: Theory and Practice

Conference: 2nd Global Conference - Trauma: Theory and Practice
Place: Prague
Date: March 21-24, 2012
Submission deadline for abstracts: October 1, 2010

Description: »This inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary conference seeks to examine and explore issues surrounding individual and collective trauma, both in terms of practice, theory and lived reality. Trauma studies have emerged from its foundation in psychoanalysis to be a dominant methodology for understanding contemporary events and our reactions to them. Critics have argued that we live in a “culture of trauma”. Repeated images of suffering and death form our collective and/or cultural unconscious. The second global conference seeks papers on a variety of issues related to trauma including the function of memory and trauma, collective and cultural trauma, time and trauma, testimony and trauma, and strategies of dealing with/coming to terms with personal/political trauma. In addition to academic analysis, we welcome the submission of case studies or other approaches from those involved with its practice, such as people in the medical profession and therapists, victims of events which have resulted in traumas on either an individual or mass scale, journalists or authors (including playwrights and poets) whose work deals with both fictional and factual trauma, and theatre professionals.
Papers, reports, work-in-progress, workshops and pre-formed panels are invited on issues related to any of the following themes:
1. Public and Political Trauma
2. Personal and Individual Trauma
3. Diagnosing and Treating Trauma
4. Theorising Trauma
5. Representing Trauma

More information: Inter-Disciplinary.Net.