The bibliography provides information on writings dealing with the history of rape, including sexual child abuse, sexual harassment, sexual molestation, child prostitution, forced prostitution, sexual slavery, sexual(ized) violence. The blog informs about calls for papers, forthcoming events and new literature in this field.

November 6, 2011

CFP: History, Memory, and Cultural Discourses: Representations of Violence in Literature and Cinema

Conference: ACLA 2012 Annual Meeting
Place: Providence, RI
Date: March 29 - April 1, 2012
Submission deadline for proposals: November 15, 2011

Description: »This seminar seeks to make us think about the relationship between history, memory, and cultural discourses in relation to images of violence in all forms in literature and cinema. Writers address violence aesthetically, historically, or psychologically. How does literature represent violence? Are the representations of violence clearly fictional or nearly indistinguishable from reality? How is literary violence used as a metaphor for relationships of power and domination? How do memory and violence relate to politics? How does the relationship between violence and politics conceptualize memory itself as a kind of symbolic power and influence the present construction and legitimization of politics? How does memory appear in the construction of collective memories and subjectivities through literature and cinema? Is there an ethics of memory and of the representation of violence?«

More information: American Comparative Literature Association.