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May 5, 2012

ART: Sexuelle Gewalt in Kriegen und bewaffneten Konflikten

Author: Leonhard Birnbacher
Title: Sexuelle Gewalt in Kriegen und bewaffneten Konflikten
Subtitle: -
Journal: Trauma & Gewalt. Forschung und Praxisfelder
Volume: 6
Issue: 2
Year: May 2012
Pages: 108-
ISSN: 1863-7167
Language: German

Abstract: »The article discusses conflict-related sexual violence. The main thrust of the argument is that this kind of violence is not motivated by one single factor (such as rape motivation). There are in fact three different categories of sexual violence in wartime: functional, structural and cultural. It quickly becomes apparent that the actual perpetrators and their individual intentions are not the sole factor conditioning acts of sexual violence. Also operative are wartime conditions, the aims of war, and the »gender« constant specific to the civilisations involved. In addition, cultural mechanisms and strategies seeking to legitimise sexual violence also have an impact on the ongoing occurrence of this form of violence. The violence of war itself, individual motives, cultural legitimisation of violence, and the connections between masculinity, sexuality and aggressiveness thus stand revealed as mutually exacerbating factors favouring the practice of sexual violence in war contexts.« [Source: Trauma & Gewalt]