The bibliography provides information on writings dealing with the history of rape, including sexual child abuse, sexual harassment, sexual molestation, child prostitution, forced prostitution, sexual slavery, sexual(ized) violence. The blog informs about calls for papers, forthcoming events and new literature in this field.

February 5, 2012

Book: Das Geheimnis unserer Großmütter

Authors: Svenja Eichhorn and Philipp Kuwert
Title: Das Geheimnis unserer Großmütter
Subtitle: Eine empirische Studie über sexualisierte Kriegsgewalt um 1945
Place: Gießen
Publisher: Psychosozial-Verlag
Year: 2011
Pages: 112pp.
ISBN-13: 9783837921311
Series: Forschung Psychosozial
Language: German

February 4, 2012

ART: The absent piece of skin

Author: Nayanika Mookherjee
Title: The absent piece of skin
Subtitle: Gendered, racialized and territorial inscriptions of sexual violence during the Bangladesh war
Journal: Modern Asian studies
Volume: 46
Year: 2012
ISSN: 0026-749X - eISSN: 1469-8099
Language: English
Full Text: Cambridge University Press [Free preview]

»This paper addresses how the wombs of women and the absent skin on the circumcised penises of men become the predominant sites on which racialized and gendered discourses operating during the Bangladesh War are inscribed. This is explored by examining instances of sexual violence by Pakistani soldiers and their local Bengali collaborators. The prevalence of these discourses in colonial documents about the Bengali Muslims underscores the role of history, the politics of identity and in the process, establishes its link with the rapes of Bangladeshi women and men. Through this, the relationship between sexual violence and historical contexts is highlighted. I locate the accounts of male violations by the West Pakistani army within the historical and colonial discourses relating to the construction of the Bengali Muslim and its intertextual, contemporary citational references in photographs and interviews.
I draw on Judith Butler's and Marilyn Strathern's work on gendering and performativity to address the citational role of various practices of discourses of gender and race within colonial documents and its application in a newer context of colonization and sexual violence of women and men during wars. The role of photographs and image-making is intrinsic to these practices. The open semiotic of the photographs allows an exploration of the territorial identities within these images and leads to traces of the silence relating to male violations. Through an examination of the silence surrounding male sexual violence vis-à-vis the emphasis on the rape of women in independent Bangladesh, it is argued that these racialized and gendered discourses are intricately associated to the link between sexuality and the state in relation to masculinity.« [Source: Modern Asian studies]

BOOK: Viols en temps de guerre

Editors: Raphaëlle Branche, Fabrice Virgil, and Isabelle Delpla
Title: Viols en temps de guerre
Subtitle: -
Place: Paris
Publisher: Payot
Year: 2011
Pages: 270pp.
ISBN-13: 9782228907033
Language: French

BOOK: Sexual violence and rape in the Middle Ages

Author: Albrecht Classen
Title: Sexual violence and rape in the Middle Ages
Subtitle: A critical discourse in premodern German and European literature
Place: Berlin
Publisher: de Gruyter
Year: 2011
Pages: vi + 272pp.
Series: Fundamentals of medieval and early modern culture 7
ISBN-13: 9783110263374
Language: English

THESIS: Rape and the feminine response in early modern England and several Shakespearean works

Author: David Alexander Bernard
Title: Rape and the feminine response in early modern England and several Shakespearean works
Subtitle: -
Thesis: Senior English Honors Thesis, University of Tennessee
Year: 2011
Pages: 47pp.
Language: English
Full Text: University of Tennessee Honors Thesis Project [Free access]

THESIS: John Dryden: The Old Lion in 1700

Author: Winifred Watkons Ernst
Title: John Dryden
Subtitle: The Old Lion in 1700
Thesis: Disseration, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Year: 2011
Pages: 222pp.
Language: English
Full Text: PQDT Open [Free access]

»Poetry and politics were important to Dryden throughout his career. They are no less important to Fables and The Secular Masque. My dissertation explores the idea that Fables involves an earnest, if covert, appraisal of both the merits and the flaws of William and Mary, as well as a reappraisal of the strengths and weaknesses of the monarchs before them, including all of the Stuarts in relation to the legendary Plantagenets. In assessing the connections and evaluating the careers of past and present monarchs, Dryden draws on several themes, particularly the tensions between family and individual, love and war, persuasion and force, involvement and detachment, and ultimately the historical versus the personal. And throughout, he is aware of the analogy between the ordering art of the poet (or narrator) and that of the King.
In the first chapter, I begin with Palamon and Arcite and The Secular Masque. The traits of an ideal king traditionally have been expressed in terms of concordia discors and the balance between Mars and Venus. Edward III is an ideal king in English culture, as Theseus is in Palamon and Arcite. The satirical epilogue The Secular Masque touches on the failures of subsequent English monarchs. Chapter Two focuses on a related pattern involving persuasion (Venus) and force (Mars), which is explored further through marriage (persuasion) and rape (force). These symbols have political significance: James I and Robert Filmer codified the typical views in the 1660s regarding the state as a family, and rape was a common image for usurpation. Finally, Dryden's genius in Fables lies in the artist's eye that perceives large historical patterns, but remains acutely aware of the individual characters that are part of those patterns. Chapter Three explores this aspect of Dryden's poetry in 1700.
I suggest that Dryden's loss of political favor has not handicapped the urbane wisdom that is his signature. However, despite his ability to provide his readers with dispassionate yet committed patterns of both kingship and poetry, it isn't clear whether or not Dryden feels that he himself has achieved such an ideal.« [Source: PQDT Open]

THESIS: Darwin's other idea

Author: Robert S. Moschgat
Title: Darwin's other idea
Subtitle: Sexual selection, gender and violence
Thesis: Dissertation, State University of New York at Albany
Year: 2011
Pages: 116pp.
Language: English
Full Text: PQDT Open [Free access]

Abstract: »This dissertation provides an empirical exploration of Darwin's theory of sexual selection, which views the male propensity to engage in short term mating strategies--sexual promiscuity and violence--as the result of sexual selection. Within an environmental context, biological father and mother household presence are expected to inhibit the initiation of short-term mating strategies and increase parental investment--paternal and maternal attachments, supervision, and protection. Whereas, structural disadvantage--living in poverty and in dangerous neighborhoods--is predicted to increase the initiation of a short-term mating strategies and compromise the parents' ability to protect their children and by weakening paternal and maternal attachments, thereby increasing the likelihood of adopting short-term mating strategies. Data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health's Public Use home interviews (n=4834) were used to examine illustrative hypotheses. The household presence of the biological mother and father were found to inhibit the initiation of short-term mating strategies and increase parental investment. Controlling for initial involvement in sexual promiscuity and violence, violent males and victimized females were more likely to be involved in subsequent sexual promiscuity.« [Source: PQDT Open]

RADIO: Jürgen Dehmers, Missbrauch-Opfer

Title: Jürgen Dehmers, Missbrauch-Opfer
Description: »Jürgen Dehmers hat die Odenwaldschule besucht. Dort wurde er jahrelang missbraucht. Er flüchtete sich in den Alkohol und hat noch heute Albträume. Doch er ging an die Öffentlichkeit, versucht aufzuklären und klagt an. Inzwischen haben sich über hundert weitere Betroffene gemeldet. Jürgen Dehmers sagt: "Es war nicht so, wie es in der Zeitung steht. Es war viel schlimmer".«
Program: Leute Baden-Württemberg
Channel: SWR 1 Baden-Württemberg
Date: January 20, 2012
Duration: 27:46 min.

Podcast: SWR1

CFP: Women and American military history

Title: Women and American military history
Editor: Lisa Tendrich Frank

Description: »Authors wanted for the final stages of an encyclopedia on Women and American Military History to be published with ABC-Clio at the end of 2012. Most of the entries have already been assigned and submitted, but authors are still needed for several important entries. Unassigned entries include the War in Afghanistan, the Cold War, U.S. Intervention in Latin America, Middle East Conflicts, Nursing, and several biographies.«

More information: H-Net Announcements

CFP: Women in European court life, 1500-1900

Conference: Graduate History Conference
Place: Louisiana State University
Date: March 23-24, 2012
Submission deadline: February 8, 2012

Description: »Seeking a panelist/paper for a panel on women in European court life (1500-1900) for the Graduate History Conference at Louisiana State University, March 23-24, 2012.«

More information: H-Net Announcements

CFP: Women’s and gender history in North America, South America and the Caribbean

Conference: 5th Annual Conference of the Society for the History of Women in the Americas
Place: Brunel University, West London
Date: March 14, 2012
Submission deadline for abstracts: February 15, 2012

Description: »We welcome papers on any aspect of women’s and gender history in North America, South America and the Caribbean. Papers that investigate women’s lives from single or multiple vantage points whether topically or geographically are equally welcome. Scholars working on related topics are encouraged to put together a panel of two to four papers. Speakers at the event will have the opportunity to submit their paper for consideration in SHAW’s journal, History of Women in the Americas

More information: Society for the History of Women in the Americas

CFP: Gender, sexuality, and power

Conference: 8TH Annual Gender, Sexuality, and Power Student Research Conference
Place: California State University, Los Angeles
Date: May 17, 2012
Submission deadline for abstracts: April 2, 2012

Description: »This is a one-day, interdisciplinary conference inclusive of graduate and undergraduate work in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences that addresses issues of gender and sexuality. We welcome papers from students of literature, history, political science, ethnic studies, anthropology, philosophy, sociology, women’s and gender studies, queer theory, criminology, psychology, law, business, biology, art history, communications, and the performing arts. We are particularly interested in work that takes an interdisciplinary approach and in work that considers gender and sexuality’s intersections with matters of race, ethnicity, disability, nation, class, and religion.«

More information: CFP website

CFP: Gender and war

Conference: Gender and War Student Research Conference
Place: University of the Pacific
Date: October 20, 2012
Submission deadline for abstracts: April 15, 2012

Description: »Possible topics may include but are not limited to the following:
• What have been women’s and men’s historical contributions to peace and to war?
• How does military service factor into gendered definitions of citizenship?
• How are masculinity, femininity and sexuality imagined and represented in literature and art about peace and war?
• In what ways is violence in warfare gendered?
• How have men’s and women’s cultural productions (art, literature, etc.) depicted war and peace?
Papers could also address specific topics such as:
• Life in militarized societies: The consequences of warfare for gender and various racial and ethnic groups
• Veterans experiences and the differences in women’s and men’s status
• Gendering the “home front”: Civilian contributions to war Women as weapons: from Abu Ghraib to women suicide bombers
• Joan of Arc turns 600: The legacy of Joan of Arc in the 21st century
• Women warriors in mythology and folklore
• War, Gender and Health: Global perspectives on suffering and war trauma
• Additional topics are also welcome.«

More information: CFP website