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January 19, 2013

ART: La violence sexuelle dans Mesure pour mesure

Author: Yves Thoret
Title: La violence sexuelle dans Mesure pour mesure
Subtitle: -
Journal: Sillages critiques
Volume: -
Issue: 15
Year: 2013
Pages: 8 pages
eISSN: 1969-6302
Language: French
Full Text: [Free Access]

Abstract: »Isabella is a victim of sexual blackmail when she pleads for mercy with Angelo for her brother. Such psychic coercion is a form of rape. When she is thus stigmatized, the victim’s reaction is usually based upon shame, silence, self-depreciation and she may be driven to suicide like Lucrece. Some may revenge themselves directly, like Titus Andronicus and his daughter Lavinia. In Measure for Measure, written some twelve years later after this first revenge tragedy, Isabella dares to protest against her offender as she claims for law and justice. Shakespeare compares this traumatic experience to a tree whose bark has been peeled off. At first, Isabella invokes a cruel de-humanized father-figure, superficially incorporated. Later on, influenced by the patient support of the Duke-Monk, she may elaborate an introjected father-figure, according to the pattern of the French psychoanalysts Nicolas Abraham and Maria Torok. This transference support helps Isabella to resist the stigmatization of the victims of sexual violence.« [Source: Sillages critiques]