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February 23, 2013

ART: Against the odds: Sustaining feminist momentum in post-war Bosnia-Herzegovina

Author: Cynthia Cockburn
Title: Against the odds
Subtitle: Sustaining feminist momentum in post-war Bosnia-Herzegovina
Journal: Women's Studies International Forum
Volume: 37
Year: March-April 2013
Pages: 26-35
ISSN: 0277-5395
Language: English
Full Text: ScienceDirect [Restricted Access]

Abstract: »During the nationalist wars that destroyed Yugoslavia, a women's organization in central Bosnia-Herzegovina was set up to respond to the needs of women raped and traumatized in the fighting. In 1995, as the war ended, the author made a study of the feminist and anti-nationalist thinking and relationships among the doctors, therapists and other staff of Medica Women's Therapy Centre. In 2012 she returned to Bosnia to reinterview women and track developments in this post-conflict period. Medica now supports survivors of domestic violence, on the one hand working in a close partnership with local government services and on the other lobbying the state for improved legislation and provision. In a political system riven by nationalism, women report a retrogression in gender relations and high levels of violence against women. A recent split in Medica signals divergences in feminism and aspirations to a more radical and holistic movement.« [Source: Women's Studies International Forum]