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February 16, 2013

CFP: Prison Intimacy

Book: Prison Intimacy
Editors: Don Morton and Greg Thomas
Submission deadline for abstracts: June 15, 2013

»... In 2012 when same-sex activity is gaining a degree of “positive,” “normativizing,” and “peaceful” affirmation in the mainstream drive for gay and lesbian marriage, it is simultaneously being marked as “coercive,” “savage” and “violent” through the growing attention to institutionalized pedophilia (The Boy Scouts, the Roman Catholic Church, boarding schools) and male “prison rape.” ...
... For a special collection of essays or journal articles (with no necessary anchoring in this or that academic discipline), we invite reasoned historical investigations and critical explanations of same-sex “prison intimacy” ("male" and/or "female"), that is, of the intersections between sexuality, race, gender, class and incarceration.«

Link: CFP website