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February 2, 2013

WP: Alcohol Consumption, Deterrence and Crime in New York City

Authors: Hope Corman and Naci H. Mocan
Title: Alcohol Consumption, Deterrence and Crime in New York City
Subtitle: -
Place: Cambridge, MA
Publisher: National Bureau of Economic Research
Year: January 2013
Pages: 38pp.
Series: NBER Working Paper No. 18731
Language: English
Full Text: National Bureau of Economic Research [Free Access]

Abstract: »This paper investigates the relationship between alcohol consumption, deterrence, and crime for New York City. We examine high-frequency time-series data from 1983 to 2001 for one specific location to examine the impacts of variations in both alcohol consumption and deterrence on seven “index” crimes. We tackle the endogeneity of arrests and the police force by exploiting the temporal independence of crime and deterrence in these high-frequency data, and we address the endogeneity of alcohol by using instrumental variables where alcohol sales are instrumented with city and state alcohol taxes and minimum drinking age. We find that alcohol consumption is positively related to assault, rape, and larceny crimes but not murder, robbery, burglary, or motor vehicle theft. We find strong deterrence for all crimes except assault and rape. Generally, deterrence effects are stronger than alcohol effects.« [Source: National Bureau of Economic Research]