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March 9, 2013

ART: Gender Dynamics and Women In Conflict Situations And Post Conflict Recovery: Experiences From Africa

Authors: Maxwell C.C. Musingafi, Emmanuel Dumbu, and Patrick Chadamoyo
Title: Gender Dynamics and Women In Conflict Situations And Post Conflict Recovery
Subtitle: Experiences From Africa
Journal: Research on Humanities and Social Sciences
Volume: 3
Issue: 2
Year: 2013
Pages: 53-61
ISSN: 2222-1719 - eISSN: 2222-2863
Language: English
Full Text: International Institute for Science, Technology & Education [Free Access]

Abstract: »The purpose of this paper is to construct a framework for understanding the gender dimensions of post-conflict reconstruction in order to strengthen assessments, project design, and policy-formulation; all with the aim of achieving the overarching goals of sustainable peace, participation and prosperity. The paper advocates for gender sensitive policies, activities and programmes that may promote gender equality, and enhance returns on post conflict recovery and reconstruction investments. It is predicated on the conviction that building and maintaining peace and prosperity requires attention to gender roles and relations in the post-conflict arena. We propose ways to undertake social, economic and political development within a particularised context (that is post-conflict): recognising genderrelated challenges, suggesting ways that a ‘gender lense’ may sharpen understanding, and capitalising on opportunities presented by new rules, institutions and resources.« [Source: Research on Humanities and Social Sciences]