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March 20, 2015

CFP: Domestic Violence

Conference: Special Stream within The Violence Project: 13th Global Meeting
Place: Mansfield College, Oxford, United Kingdom
Date: August 5-7, 2015
Submission deadline for proposals: May 15, 2015
Description: »Domestic violence, sometimes referred to as domestic abuse, partner abuse, intimate partner violence, battering or family violence is a pattern of behavior which involves violence or other abuse by one person in a domestic context against another. It may occur within, but is not confined to, marriage, cohabitation, forced marriage, friendship and familial relationships, and can involve sibling, parental, grandparent, heterosexual or same-sex relationships. It takes various forms, including physical abuse, emotional, verbal, economic and sexual abuse, which may extend to rape. Domestic violence over a period of time may lead to homicide.«
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