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March 20, 2015

CFP: Neo-Victorian Sexploitation

Journal: Journal of Neo-Victorian Studies
Guest Editors: Maria Isabel Romero Ruiz and Inmaculada Pineda Hernández
Submission deadline for articles: July 31, 2015
Description: »This special issue of Neo-Victorian Studies aims to investigate the centrality of sexploitation and the desired/desiring body in neo-Victorian discourse, both in the Arts and within wider culture, from new chastity campaigns to contemporary sex abuse scandals, from gay rights activism to steampunk fashion, from burlesque to glamorisations of sex work. It will address the crucial role of sexploited neo-Victorian bodies, their representation and reception, the (un)ethical implications of strategies such as performativity, scopophilia, voyeurism, ‘sexsation’ and biofictional exposé, and the queer tensions arising between marginality and norms.«
More information: CFP website