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January 9, 2012

CFP: Literary Violence

Journal: Inquire: Journal of Comparative Literature
Editor: Gabrielle Kristjanson
Submission deadline: March 15, 2012

Description: »Inquire invites article submissions that consider the relationship between literature and violence.
The representation of violence in literature is commonplace and complex, occurring by various means (e.g., physical, psychological), in many forms, across all literary traditions, past and present. Literature can expose, challenge or oppose violent conditions, yet literature can also fall victim to violence, arising from internal (e.g., institutional) or external (e.g., political, economic) forces.
In focussing this issue on violence (understood broadly as the exercise or exhibition of force, including any act of oppression, intimidation or unwanted control by individuals or groups, for whatever purpose), Inquire seeks to provide a forum for the investigation of tensions—private and public, regional and global—that speak to the cultural and historical production of identity and community.«

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