The bibliography provides information on writings dealing with the history of rape, including sexual child abuse, sexual harassment, sexual molestation, child prostitution, forced prostitution, sexual slavery, sexual(ized) violence. The blog informs about calls for papers, forthcoming events and new literature in this field.

November 18, 2012

CFP: Sex: Religious and Theological Perspectives

Conference: Princeton Theological Seminary Graduate Student Conference
Place: Princeton, New Jersey
Date: March 7-8, 2013
Submission deadline for proposals: December 1, 2012

Description: »e warmly welcome and encourage submissions from students of all disciplines and faith traditions, from scholars in history, religion, theology, Christian ethics, moral theology, biblical studies, practical theology, sociology, philosophy, law, classics, and the sciences, regarding the following topics: church polity and politics LGBTQ studies/queer theory performativity history of sexuality and religion feminisms sex and sacred texts masculinities family media mysticism clergy erotics birth control marriage/celibacy pornography heteronormativity gender roles/identities sexual anthropology«.

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CFP: Sexuality Studies

Conference: Sexuality Studies Association Congress - Association des Études de la Sexualité Congrés 2013
Place: University of Victoria, Victoria BC
Date: June 1-2, 2013
Submission deadline for abstracts: December 7, 2012

Description: »The Sexuality Studies Association welcomes paper proposals for our first meetings to be held at Congress 2013 in Victoria BC. We invite proposals for papers in English or French from any disciplinary or interdisciplinary perspective in sexuality studies.«

More information: Sexuality Studies Association

November 3, 2012

ART: Erfahrungen sexualisierter Gewalt in der Lebensgeschichte alter Frauen

Author: Martina Böhmer
Title: Erfahrungen sexualisierter Gewalt in der Lebensgeschichte alter Frauen
Subtitle: -
Journal: Sozial Extra
Volume: 36
Issue: 5-6
Year: June 2012
Pages: 29-31
ISSN: 0931-279X - eISSN: 1863-8953
Language: German
Full Text: SpringerLink [Restricted access]

Abstract: »Viele ältere Frauen haben, u.a. bedingt durch Krieg, Vertreibung u.ä., Vergewaltigungen erlebt, die sie lange verdrängen konnten. In Zeiten der Hilfsbedürftigkeit und Pflege treten die erlittenen, unbearbeiteten Schäden jedoch wieder zutage und erschweren den Betroffenen das Leben.« [Source: Sozial Extra]

ART: Sexual Violence, Bodily Pain, and Trauma: A History

Author: Joanna Bourke
Title: Sexual Violence, Bodily Pain, and Trauma
Subtitle: A History
Journal: Theory, Culture & Society
Volume: 29
Issue: 3
Year: May 2012
Pages: 25-51
ISSN: 0263-2764 - eISSN: 1460-3616
Language: English
Full Text: SAGE Journals [Restricted access]

Abstract: »Psychological trauma is a favoured trope of modernity. It has become commonplace to assume that all ‘bad events’ – and particularly those which involve violence – have a pathological effect on the sufferer’s psyche, as well as that of the perpetrators. This essay explores the ways victims of rape and sexual assault were understood in psychiatric, psychological, forensic, and legal texts in Britain and America from the 19th to the late 20th century. It argues that, unlike most other ‘bad events’, which were incorporated within trauma narratives from the 1860s, the ascription of psychological trauma was only applied to rape victims a century later. Why and what were the consequences? « [Source: Theory, Culture & Society]

ART: The ‘Condemned Criminals’: sexual violence, race, and manliness in colonial Australia

Author: Amanda Kaladelfos
Title: The ‘Condemned Criminals’
Subtitle: sexual violence, race, and manliness in colonial Australia
Journal: Women’s History Review
Volume: 21
Issue: 5
Year: 2012
Pages: 697-714
ISSN: 0961-2025 - eISSN: 1747-583X
Language: English
Full Text: Taylor & Francis Online [Restricted access]

Abstract: »In 1879, the New South Wales government took the unusual step of recommending the execution of three men—two white and one black—for two separate crimes of rape. The government's decision provoked outcry from capital punishment abolitionists who inundated the parliament and press with appeals for mercy, and held sensational public rallies decrying the use of the death penalty. Politicians' varied responses to the crimes show their preoccupations in ensuring ideals of colonial manliness and colonial honour remained intact no matter what the cost. This case offers an important example of the complex relationship between gender, race, sexuality and colonial politics.« [Source: Women’s History Review]

ART: The politics of punishment: Rape and the death penalty in colonial Australia, 1841-1901

Author: Amanda Kaladelfos
Title: The politics of punishment
Subtitle: Rape and the death penalty in colonial Australia, 1841-1901
Journal: History Australia
Volume: 9
Issue: 1
Year: 2012
Pages: 155-175
ISSN: 1449-0854 - eISSN: 1833-4881
Language: English
Full Text: Monash University Publishing [Restricted access]

»In the second half of the nineteenth century, Australian law permitted colonial governments to order capital punishment for crimes that were no longer punishable by death in England, including attempted murder, robbery under arms and, most controversially, rape. Australian lawmakers knew their obsolete criminal codes reflected badly on their reputation as merciful and enlightened. Yet when politicians proposed the abolition of the death penalty, they faced strong opposition. All agreed that an effective criminal justice system held an important role in securing colonial authority and power, but they differed in their conception of the best way to achieve this end.
This article examines public debates about capital punishment from the 1840s onwards, with a focus on the highly politicised issue of the punishment for rape. Despite a long-standing reformist campaign,successive New South Wales governments did not back down. Instead, they retained capital punishment for rape until 1955. Most political leaders thought it necessary to maintain this penalty to control two groups – Aboriginal men and white men from poor moral backgrounds – arguing they equally threatened white colonial women’s virtue. Capital punishment for rape thus became an overtly violent symbol by which the colonial state asserted itself as the true guardian of female purity.« [Source: History Australia]

ART: Sexuelle Gewalt im Kontext der Lebens- und Familiengeschichte erinnern

Author: Ulrike Loch
Title: Sexuelle Gewalt im Kontext der Lebens- und Familiengeschichte erinnern
Subtitle: -
Journal: Sozial Extra
Volume: 36
Issue: 5-6
Year: June 2012
Pages: 17-21
ISSN: 0931-279X - eISSN: 1863-8953
Language: German
Full Text: SpringerLink [Restricted access]

Abstract: »Biografisches Erzählen ist ein Prozess, in dem Erinnerungen, historische Fakten mit situationsgebundenen bzw. gegenwartsbezogenen Anforderungen verknüpft werden. Wenn es hierüber aufgrund des Tabus, über (sexuelle und nationalsozialistische) Gewalt zu sprechen, zu ahistorischen Neuschreibungen von Biografien kommt, führt dies zu belastenden Lebenssituationen, auch wenn dieser soziale Anpassungsprozess zunächst Erleichterung verspricht. Dieses Ergebnis spricht für eine Historisierung von Biografien.« [Source: Sozial Extra]

CFP: Sex and Violence

Journal: Australian Feminist Studies
Editors: Lisa Featherstone, Amanda Kaladelfos
Submission deadline for abstracts: November 17, 2012

»Recent work on sex and sexuality has much to offer the study of violence. Yet all too often, broad violence studies have not engaged with the latest scholarship on sexuality. This collection aims to refocus attention on the formative relationship between sex and violence. We ask contributors to consider how examining sexuality, in historical or contemporary perspective, changes and challenges current theories of violence. To what extent, for instance, do they take into account the many forms of gendered, sexual, and homophobic violence? Or the ways these have changed over time?
We call for papers which examine the complex and multifaceted relationship between sex and violence, one that often crosses the borders drawn by race, class, gender and sexuality. Contributors could examine the ways legal and scientific ideas about normality and perversity affirmed or renounced violent acts. Other submissions might consider the ways violence is enmeshed within, or challenged by, the social order and how violent acts changed variously across time, space and place.«

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CFP: Jews in Image and Imagination: Body, Gender, and Sexuality in Representation

Conference: Inaugural Jewish Studies Conference for Graduate Students
Place: Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
Date: February 7-8, 2013
Submission deadline for proposals: November 26, 2012

Description: »The inaugural conference of the Jewish Studies Graduate Student Association at Indiana University Bloomington, ..., will explore the representational relationship between Jews and sexuality, Jews and gender, Jews and physicality, and Jews and the body.«

More information: Jewish Studies Graduate Student Association, Indiana University

CFP: Histories of Violence: War and Memory

Conference: Histories of Violence symposium
Place: Northwestern University, Evanston
Date: May 10, 2013
Submission deadline: November 28, 2012

Description: »This symposium explores Histories of Violence through the theme of War and Memory. Specifically, we seek papers that address the long and broad aftermaths of war, including those that mobilize the figures of veterans, refugees, colonial subjects, and sex workers. We are interested in the transnational circulation of violence, weapons, tactics, and symbols, as well as the relationship between violence and power both in the United States and in transnational context. How do people remember violent experience, and what are the social costs of such memories? What legacies of American violence continue to shape identity, projects of empire, and political discourse? Can we read the relationship between state and interpersonal violence in memory?«

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CFP: Black Sexual Economies: Transforming Black Sexualities Research

Conference: Black Sexual Economies: Transforming Black Sexualities Research
Place: Washington University School of Law, St. Louis, MO
Date: September 27-28, 2013
Submission deadline for abstracts: December 15, 2012

Description: »Black sexualities have been constructed as a site of sexual panic and pathology in U.S. culture. Viewed as a threat to normative ideas about sexuality, the family, and the nation, Black sexualities are intimately linked to and regulated by political and socioeconomic discourses and institutions.«

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CFP: Making Sense of: Pain

Conference: 4th Global Conference: Making Sense of: Pain
Place: Prague, Czech Republic
Date: May 9-11, 2013
Submission deadline for abstracts: January 4, 2013

Description: »This inter- and transdisciplinary conference provides a forum for inquiry into the vicissitudes of pain: its nature and significance biologically, anthropologically, historically, culturally and socially. More specifically, as a means of probing the boundaries, this conference aims to create a dialogue between disparate as well as overlapping fields of study: the boundaries of disciplines as well as the boundaries of sensation—our suffering, our pleasure, ourselves.«

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TV: Skandal um Savile

Title: Skandal um Savile
Program: Kulturzeit
Channel: 3sat
Date: October 30, 2012
Language: German
Duration: 03:58 min

Description: »BBC-Moderator soll Kinder missbraucht haben: Seit Wochen kommen im Kinderschänder-Skandal um den früheren BBC-Moderator Jimmy Savile fast täglich neue schockierende Details ans Licht. 300 mutmaßliche Opfer haben sich bisher gemeldet. Die BBC muss sich ihrer Vergangenheit stellen.«

Link: 3sat Mediathek