The bibliography provides information on writings dealing with the history of rape, including sexual child abuse, sexual harassment, sexual molestation, child prostitution, forced prostitution, sexual slavery, sexual(ized) violence. The blog informs about calls for papers, forthcoming events and new literature in this field.

December 9, 2012

CFP: Interpersonal Violence Interventions

Conference: Interpersonal Violence Interventions - Social and Cultural Perspectives International Conference
Place: Jyväskylän yliopisto / University of Jyväskylä, Finland
Date: August 28-30, 2013
Submission deadline for proposals: January 15, 2013

Description: »How has violence been understood in different ages and cultures? How is it defined today? Conference’s aim is to bring together experts on interpersonal violence in the fields of social and legal studies, history, cultural research, psychology and health care or from any relevant discipline.«

More information: University of Jyväskylä

CFP: Monsters and the Monstrous

Conference: 11th Global Conference: Monsters and the Monstrous
Place: Mansfield College, Oxford, United Kingdom
Date: July 18-20, 2013
Submission deadline for abstracts: March 15, 2013

Description: »This inter and trans-disciplinary project examines all things monstrous; whether real or imagined, ideological or cultural, historic or futuristic. Building on the discussion points of the previous meeting, this year’s event will focus upon points of concentration within issues raised at last years events as well as examining certain aspects of the current ubiquity of particular monsters in contemporary popular culture. «

More information: Inter-Disciplinary.Net

December 1, 2012

ART: Teaching about Sexual Violence in Higher Education

Authors: Corrine C. Bertram and M. Sue Crowley
Title: Teaching about Sexual Violence in Higher Education
Subtitle: Moving from Concern to Conscious Resistance
Journal: Frontiers. A Journal of Women's Studies
Volume: 33
Issue: 1
Year: 2012
Pages: 63-82
ISSN: 0160-9009 - eISSN: 1536-0334
Language: English
Full Text: Project MUSE [Restricted Access]

ART: Schatten-Ich

Author: Susanne Beyer
Title: Schatten-Ich
Subtitle: -
Journal: Der Spiegel
Volume: -
Issue: 47
Year: November 19, 2012
Pages: 134-136
ISSN: 0038-7452
Language: German

Abstract: »Ein Ex-Odenwaldschüler, der den massenhaften Missbrauch an seinem Internat mit aufdeckte und damit eine landesweite Debatte auslöste, gibt jetzt sein Pseudonym auf - damit sich endlich grundlegend etwas ändert.« [Source: Der Spiegel]

ART: Bewältigungsstrategien und wahrgenommene soziale Unterstützung bei deutschen Langzeitüberlebenden der Vergewaltigungen am Ende des II. Weltkriegs

Authors: Svenja Eichhorn, Thomas Klauer, Elena Grundke, Harald J. Freyberger, Elmar Brähler, and Philipp Kuwert
Title: Bewältigungsstrategien und wahrgenommene soziale Unterstützung bei deutschen Langzeitüberlebenden der Vergewaltigungen am Ende des II. Weltkriegs
Translation: Coping Skills and Social Support in German Long-Time Survivors of Rape in the End of World War II
Journal: Psychiatrische Praxis
Volume: 39
Issue: 4
Year: 2012
Pages: 169-173
ISSN: 1439-0876
Language: German
Full Text: Thieme Connect [Restricted Access]

»Objective: The aim of the study was to document perceived social support in a sample of german war-raped women in World War II. Furthermore the impact of this potential resource on todays posttraumatic symptoms should be pointed out.
Methods: 27 women (M = 80.3 years, SD = 3.1 years) answered each a semi-structured interview and several questionnaires.
Results: Perceived social support shows clearly lower values than in the comparative samples. The measured degree of the variable in the present sample bears negative relationship to the actual posttraumatic symptoms of the women.
Conclusions: In World War II sexually traumatized women could profit only few from the examined resource. The found negative relationship between perceived social support and posttraumatic symptoms shows additionally the potentially long-lasting impact of these form of coping on psychological health in trauma victims.« [Source: Psychiatrische Praxis]

ART: Vergewaltigung. Zur Situation in Österreich

Author: Birgitt Haller
Title: Vergewaltigung
Subtitle: Zur Situation in Österreich
In: ... Selber schuld!? Sexualisierte Gewalt - Begriffsdefinition, Grenzziehung und professionelle Handlungsansätze
Edited by: Stadt Wien
Place: Vienna
Publisher: Stadt Wien
Year: 2012
Pages: 65-72
ISBN-13: 9783902845092
Language: German
Full Text: Stadt Wien, Frauenabteilung [Free Access]

ART: Vergewaltigung und Verführung in der medizinish-juristischen Literatur im deutschen Sprachraum um 1900

Author: Evelyn Höbenreich
Title: Vergewaltigung und Verführung in der medizinish-juristischen Literatur im deutschen Sprachraum um 1900
Subtitle: -
Journal: Index. Quaderni camerti di studi romanistici / International Survey of Roman Law
Volume: 40
Issue: -
Year: 2012
Pages: 512-532
ISSN: 0392-2391
Language: German

ART: Nein heißt Nein?

Author: Angela Koch
Title: Nein heißt Nein?
Subtitle: Zur Genealogie der Vorstellung von sexualisierter Gewalt und ihrer geschlechterpolitischen Situierung
In: ... Selber schuld!? Sexualisierte Gewalt - Begriffsdefinition, Grenzziehung und professionelle Handlungsansätze
Edited by: Stadt Wien
Place: Vienna
Publisher: Stadt Wien
Year: 2012
Pages: 17-24
ISBN-13: 9783902845092
Language: German
Full Text: Stadt Wien, Frauenabteilung [Free Access]

ART: Shame and Modern Subjectivities

Author: Alexandra Oberländer
Title: Shame and Modern Subjectivities
Subtitle: The Rape of Elizaveta Cheremnova
In: Interpreting Emotions in Russia and Eastern Europe
Edited by: Mark Steinberg and Valeria Sobol
Place: DeKalb
Publisher: Northern Illinois University Press
Year: 2011
Pages: 82-101
ISBN-13: 9780875806532
Language: English

ART: Rape and the "Arab Question" in L.A. Arieli's Allah Karim! and Aharon Reuveni's Devastation

Author: Andrea Siegel
Title: Rape and the "Arab Question" in L.A. Arieli's Allah Karim! and Aharon Reuveni's Devastation
Subtitle: -
Journal: Nashim. A Journal of Jewish Women's Studies and Gender Issues
Volume: -
Issue: 23
Year: Spring-Autumn 2012
Pages: 110-128
ISSN: 0793-8934 - eISSN: 1565-5288
Language: English
Full Text: JSTOR [Restricted Access], Project MUSE [Restricted Access]

»The image of the New Woman in early Zionist literature is at present an understudied field, though there have been significant advances in recent years. This article brings together the “Woman Question” and the “Arab Question” in Zionist thought prior to the 1929 Arab riots in Palestine. When reading concurrently for race and gender, the import of rape surfaces as a trope in two of the most significant Hebrew literary works relating to the Arab Question: L.A. Arieli's drama Allah Karim! (1912) and Aharon Reuveni's novel Devastation (1925).
Arguably, Zionist writers carried to Palestine a deep concern about rape from the east European pogroms of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and projected this concern onto the Arab male foe. In their writings, the pioneer Zionist man's own sexual urges (whether enervated or unruly) are put to the test: Can he properly channel his virility as he prepares to battle the Arab foe? Within this tension, I highlight how Jewish women's roles are both controversial and pivotal in the narratives.« [Source: Nashim]

BOOK: Holy Hell

Author: Patricia Feenan
Title: Holy Hell
Subtitle: -
Place: Fremantle
Publisher: Fontaine Press
Year: 2012
Pages: 192pp.
Language: English

BOOK: Human Security Report 2012

Editor: Andrew Mack
Title: Human Security Report 2012
Subtitle: Sexual Violence, Education, and War: Beyond the Mainstream Narrative
Place: Vancouver
Publisher: Human Security Press
Year: 2012
Pages: 230pp.
Language: English

RADIO: Patricia Feenan

Title: Patricia Feenan
Program: Conversations with Richard Fidler
Channel: ABC Local
Date: November 28, 2012
Duration: 50:58 min.
Language: English

»Patricia and her husband considered Father James Fletcher a trusted part of their community. When he invited their eldest child to become an altar boy, they were oblivious to the violent abuse he would inflict on Daniel for the next seven years.
When the she finally learned the truth of what had happened, Patricia helped her son find the strength to give a statement to the police.
Now Patricia's written a book about what happened and the subsequent prosecution and conviction of Fletcher.«

Podcast: ABC Local

EXHIB: The Yellow Ticket: Traffic in Girls 1860 to 1930

Exhibition: Der Gelbe Schein. Mädchenhandel 1860 bis 1930 / The Yellow Ticket: Traffic in Girls 1860 to 1930
Museum: Deutsches Auswandererhaus / German Emigration Center
Place: Bremerhaven, Germany
Date: August 26, 2012 - February 28, 2013
Description: »Millions of girls and young women left Europe and their homes in the late 1890s and early 1900s. They journeyed from Hesse to California, from Russia to New York or from Galicia to Buenos Aires in the hope of improving their fortune and creating a new existence for themselves. For tens of thousands this path led to prostitution.«
Link: Deutsches Auswandererhaus

(Update: July 27, 2014)

CFP: Gendering the Civil War and Freedom: Explorations of Difference in the Southern United States

Book: Gendering the Civil War and Freedom: Explorations of Difference in the Southern United States
Editors: Karen Cook Bell and Sharita Jacobs- Thompson
Submission deadline for proposals: January 2, 2013

Description: »This is a study of African American women that is informed by an “ethos of difference.” The essays collected here all expand, explore, and critique this concept in a range of contexts and discourses. This study seeks to challenge the idea that enslaved women in the southern United States experienced emancipation the same and more importantly encourages further exploration of the “effects and affect of difference”—to use one of the central ideas in Naomi Greyser’s essay on feminism and affect studies. The study of gender can illuminate deeper historical patterns and processes, which continued to affect African American women in the twentieth century. This collection of essays extends the arguments presented by Pamela Scully and Diana Paton, who reflect on emancipation from the point of view of women, and who demonstrate through an analysis of comparative Atlantic emancipations how emancipation confirmed or disrupted existing gender relations and placed issues such as violence, sexuality, and the gendered politics of public space at the heart of emancipation studies.«

More information: H-Net Announcements

CFP: Victorians and the Law

Journal: Victorian Network
Guest Editor: Cathrine Frank
Submission deadline: April 1, 2013

Description: »The eighth issue of Victorian Network, ..., will take a fresh look at the interfaces between literature and legal cultures in the Victorian period. ...
Possible topics include, but are by no means limited to, the following:
* wills, trusts and guardianship accounts: the materiality of the legal archive
* Victorian trials, sensation and theatricality
* criminal law, lawlessness, realist epistemologies and the detective plot
* Victorian law and gender
* the reaches of the law: imperialism and the legal & literary creation of colonial identities
* intersections between genres of legal and literary writing
* "brought up a barrister": nineteenth-century authors, legal training, professionalization and the bar
* radical politics, social change and the working class in Victorian literature and the law
* debates about rights to intellectual and literary property
* the spaces and cultural venues of legal practice«.

More information: Victorian Network

CFP: Interdisciplinary perspectives - law and literature

Journal: Revue d'Études Benthamiennes
Editors: Emmanuelle de Champs, Claire Wrobel
Submission deadline for proposals: January 12, 2013

»The Revue d'Etudes Benthamiennes is seeking to publish papers relying on the methodology of “Law and Literature” studies to shed new light on the works and thinking of Bentham and his followers and, conversely, identify what Bentham's theory of fiction or evidence – for instance – may bring to the field. ...
Contributions may address - but are not necessarily limited to – the axes which are already well-established: law in literature (the way literature reflects – in both senses of the word – the world of law and legal processes), law asliterature (the literary properties of legal texts), the law of literature (the laws relating to literary production and intellectual property), legal and literary hermeneutics. Bentham's theories on fictions and evidence may prove particularly fruitful for hermeneutic issues.«

More information: CFP website

CFP: Irish women’s writing and experience

Journal: Women's Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal
Special Editor: Brian F. McCabe
Submission deadline for proposals: January 31, 2013

Description: »Women's Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal is seeking articulate and well-reasoned articles exploring any element of Irish women’s writing and experience. Articles from any discipline are welcome and articles embracing a transdisciplinary methodology are of particular interest.«

More information: CFP website

CFP: Women in Early Modern England

Conference: 2013 Graduate History Conference
Place: Louisiana State University - Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
Date: March 22-23, 2013
Submission deadline for proposals: December 20, 2012

Description: »This panel is designed to be broad in scope, so feel free to submit proposals focusing on any aspect of women's history in Early Modern England.«

More information: H-Net Announcements

CFP: Violence in the Early Modern Period

Conference: Early Modern Colloquium
Place: University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
Date: February 15-16, 2013
Submission deadline for proposals: December 30, 2012

Description: »This interdisciplinary conference will explore the instances, effects, and functions of violence throughout sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Europe. How we understand violence effectively informs how we understand other far-reaching phenomena in the period—e.g., colonization; performances of ability, class, gender, race, and sex; public entertainment; religious reformation(s); social discipline; and urbanization.«

More information: CFP website

CFP: Consent: Terms of Agreement

Conference: Indiana University Graduate Conference
Place: Indiana University - Bloomington, Indiana, USA
Date: March 21-23, 2013
Submission deadline for abstracts: January 1, 2013

Description: »This conference explores both the cultural and practiced significance of “consent,” welcoming papers on its diverse meanings and modes of representation: from issues in the consent to be governed to reading a text that resists interpretations; from felicitous utterances gone awry to the struggle for speaking and acknowledging desires between two or more people. Tracing the theoretical, formal, and political implications of this issue requires a variety of methodologies and perspectives, so we particularly encourage interdisciplinary and applied approaches that consider any time period, place, or practice.«

More information: CFP website

CFP: Advancement of Women

Conference: 29th Annual Conference on the Advancement of Women
Place: Texas Tech University - Lubbock, Texas, USA
Date: April 4-5, 2013
Submission deadline for abstracts: February 1, 2013

Description: »We invite papers and panel proposals that explore the manifold meanings of movement and change as connected to, created by, and/or caught up in the presence of women's, gender, and identity issues, in both contemporary and historical frameworks. Interdisciplinary proposals, as well as those from disciplines and specialty subject areas are also encouraged to submit.«

More information: H-Net Announcements

CFP: Graphic Art: Violence and Healing in Comics and Graphic Novels

Conference: Rocky Mountain Conference on Comics and Graphic Novels
Place: Denver, Colorado, USA
Date: May 28-30, 2013
Submission deadline for abstracts: March 1, 2013 - Updated submission deadline: March 15, 2013

Description: »Though there are many sociological and psychological areas of study that theorize about the relationship between violence in the media and “real world” violence, it is also important to examine this pervasive topic through literary analysis. For ROMOCOCO 2013, we are particularly interested in essays that investigate the role, purpose and representation of violence in comic books and graphic novels and/or their subsequent film versions.«

More information: CFP website (old link), CFP website (new link)

CFP: Writing Trauma Survival: Learning from violence and its after effects in literature

Conference: Rocky Mountain Modern Languages Association Convention
Place: Vancouver, Washington, USA
Date: October 10-12, 2013
Submission deadline for proposals: March 1, 2013

Description: »This session will focus on what we can learn about trauma, resiliency and the operations of social violence in literary texts (broadly defined), written by authors who self-identify as women since 1960. There is considerable evidence, both in the cultural record and in terms of measurable social effects, to demonstrate that ideological, socio-cultural and systemic forms of violence work together to reinforce intersectional gender discipline. This session, therefore, invites scholars exploring the complex issues inherent in gender-based acts of violence and their aftermath to engage with models of human fragility and capacities for resiliency and repair, as presented through selected texts.«

More information: CFP website