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December 2, 2017

CFP: Slavery Past, Present and Future

Conference: Slavery Past, Present and Future: 3rd Global Meeting
Place: Indiana University Europe Gateway, Berlin, Germany
Date: July 10-11, 2018
Submission deadline for proposals: March 2, 2018
Description: »Throughout history, slavery (the purchase and sale of human beings as chattel), enslavement (through conquest, and exploitation of indebtedness, among other vulnerabilities), and similar extreme forms of exploitation and control have been an intrinsic part of human societies.
Is slavery an inevitable part of the human condition?
Controversial estimates indicate that up to 35 million people worldwide are enslaved today. This modern re-emergence of slavery, following legal abolition over two hundred years ago, is said to be linked to the deepening interconnectedness of countries in the global economy, overpopulation, and the economic and other vulnerabilities of the individual victims and communities.
This conference will explore slavery in all its dimensions and, in particular, the ways in which individual humans and societies understand and attempt to respond to it.«
More information: Indiana University